Erinmakt of the Desert Wind (the Flatulent)

A rude, crude and obnoxious Uroxi Berserker


Since he was a youth, Erinmakt was loved by only his closest of kin (and not even by all of them). He was rude, crude and obnoxious. He epitomized the Orlanthi tenet that violence is always an option. Under threat of outlawry and no kin willing to support him, Erinmakt left to wander. His wanderings took him to the Plains of Prax, where the wild and violent Praxian Animal Nomads lived. There, Erinmakt met with the Cult of Urox of the Praxian Animal Nomads. They welcomed him as a brother in their Eternal Battle against Chaos. After many adventures with his Storm Bull Brothers, Erinmakt returned home to the Orlmarth Clan, sensing that his battle prowess would be needed in the battles that were sure to accompany the Hero Wars.


Erinmakt of the Desert Wind (the Flatulent)

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