Young Orlanthi hunter out to prove himself


Grigor is a member of the Orlmarth (Woodpecker) clan of the Colymar tribe located in the Nymie Valley and Starfire Ridges. I am the son of Kordoth, a farmer and Carl. I am one of 9 brothers and sisters. My brothers are all warriors while I am left to hunt game.

I am a worshiper of Orlanth, and I am marked by Odayla the Hunter. After every kill, I must leave a part of my prey as an offering to Odayla.

I’m self-reliant. I survive just fine on my own and I don’t need anyone’s help.

I constantly seek approval from my peers. I need everyone to see just how valuable I am to the clan.

I can be stubborn and petulant. “No one can make me do anything!”

Grigor Dotsk is a 19 year old boy. He stands a mere 5’ 8" and weighs only 160 lbs. making him the physical inferior of most Orlmarth warriors. His drab grey eyes, pale skin and shaggy brown hair do nothing to improve opinions of him. Dressed in hand-me-downs from his brothers, his presence is rarely noticed, let alone appreciated or feared.



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