Overovash the Lunar Tax Collector


Overovash is a member of Third Bridge Latifundia Association who supported General Fazzur during Starbrow’s Rebellion. In return, he was given lucrative tax farming and slave trading privileges in Sartar. Overovash hails from Raibanth, the ancient capital of the Dara Happan Empire. He always travels with brutal and tough mercenaries, his foreign slaves who carry
out menial and administrative tasks, and is at all times protected by a strange Lunar witch named Oheha.

Overovash is a fat, rapacious and cruel man. He is also shrewd and manipulative. He despises all Orlanthi as bandits, barbarians, and treacherous rebels, and has a deep resentment for the circumstances that forced him to Sartar. He is deferential towards those barbarians that are useful to him – primarily King Blackmoor and General Fazzur. His true loyalty is only to the mighty Assiday Clan of Raibanth.


Overovash the Lunar Tax Collector

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