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Capture of Killer Branduan - Success at Last!

After the Lawspeaker Orlgard Korlmarsson expressed concern about the risk of a blood feud if the group attempted to capture Killer Branduan, the Clan Ring decided to call a Clan Moot of all the adults to discuss it first. Erinmakt attempted to convince the Clan Ring that there was no need for a Clan Moot, but the anti-Uroxi sentiment in the Clan Ring showed and Grigor agreed that the Clan Moot was the way to go.

The group was asked to go patrol Orlmarth Clan lands. They came upon some young shepherds who were missing a sheep. Yinkina spoke with the remaining sheep and they told her that the black sheep had wandered into the nearby grove of trees. The group tracked the sheep into the woods and found signs that trollkin had killed it.

the party tracked the trollkin towards the Three Sisters along the border with the Greydog Clan. They spotted a group of 5 Greydog Thanes led by Killer Branduan heading towards Old Man Village. The group attempted to sneak up on the Thanes, but failed (stealth is not their strong suit). The Thanes greeted the group and asked for safe passage to parley with the Orlmarth Chieftain Gordangar Kenstrelsson.

The group escorted the Thanes to the stead of the Chieftain at Old Man Village. Insults were exchanged between Branduan and Erinmakt. (My personal favorite was when Branduan told Erinmakt there was no difference between his words and his passing of gas.)

Branduan merely promised the safety of the Orlmarth Clan Champion Erinina Copper-Axe and gave a deadline for the Orlmarth to accept their offer to exchange Erinina for ransom before raids could commence. Gordangar assured Branduan that they would hold a Clan Moot and have their decision within the week.

The group decided to accompany the Thanes back to Greydog Village to check on Erinina. Branduan and Erinmakt exchange insults again. Branduan challenges Erinmakt to a duel, which Erinmakt refuses based upon the fact he had entered Greydog lands under promise of safe passage. The Greydogs still thought Erinmakt was a coward. Erinina begs them not to ransom her.

The group returns to Old Man Village and decide to rescue Erinina. As they are leaving they notice that the Greydog Clan lands are guarded by Spirit Hounds.

As the group plans, they realize they have no idea where she is being kept or how well guarded she is. Then, a plan begins to take form. First they will dress up little guy in rabbit furs and send him running across Greydog lands to distract the Spirit Hounds that guard their clan lands. Then, the group will sneak into a grove of trees near Greydog Village while Yinkina will proceed openly to Greydog Village and ask Branduan to come with her to the grove for a tryst.

Branduan is all for it! However, a Priestess of Ernalda catches wind of what is happening and comes to put a stop to it. Yinkina suggests they leave straight away and Branduan agrees.

A sudden thunderstorm of Orlanth breaks and lightning and thunder and wind and rain are coming down from the skies. Branduan decides that it would be awesome to take Yinkina to the top of Irnar’s Peak to consummate their love. Yinkina is able to convince him that the grove of trees would be better for what they had planned.

The group tries to ambush Branduan, but Morgan whispers too loudly and gives them away. Branduan prepares to fight, but Yinkina casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter and has him laughing uncontrollably. As he recovers, Erinmakt intimidates him into surrendering.

However, by this time, the Priestess has a rescue party out looking for Branduan. The group ties up Branduan and hustle him towards Orlmarth Clan lands with the Greydogs in hot pursuit. Meanwhile the thunderstorm rages. They deal with Branduan’s stalling tactics by knocking him out and carrying him. To slow their pursuers they roll boulders down the hill at them, maiming some.

As they arrive at Old Man village they see the lightning striking the Red Moon of the Shepelkirt. Go Orlanth! Then they see the Red Moon glow with sickening red light and wither the storm clouds. Oh no! A bad omen for sure.

The group are heralded as heroes for capturing Branduan. The tricksey capture was worthy of Eurmal. The group lies about their role in the avalanche that maimed the Greydogs, but Branduan calls them on it.

The group goes to exchange Branduan for Erinina. At this time the Greydogs demand wereguild for the clan members that were maimed by the avalanche. The group agrees to pay ten troll heads.

Erinmakt and Branduan exchange words again. Branduan again challenges Erinmakt to a duel, but this time Erinmakt accepts. Branduan is a skilled fighter, but the berserker rage of the Uroxi is too much for him and he falls with his head cleaved through to the eye. Morgan heals him enough to survive and the Greydogs take him away to recuperate.


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