Sartar - Kingdom of Heroes

Erinmakt "Trains"

Erinmakt practices his axe-fighting skills with the thanes of the clan. However, several severe bruises and a broken bone later he finds nobody is willing to train with him. The thanes are not as tough as his Uroxi brothers from Prax. Training by himself is boring, so Erinmakt carouses. The thanes seem friendly and Erinmakt’s cup is always full. Good times. However, the next morning, he awakens to his face and body painted with henna – images of boobies and cock and balls and other such sundry juvenile images. Erinmakt beats the crap out of several thanes, but nobody will admit to knowing who committed the crime. Then, Chief Gordangar Kenstrelsson intervenes and sends Erinmakt out on patrol with Grigor.


RyanKent RyanKent

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