Quick Summary: Highly trained and learned poet
Gods: Orlanth, Issaries
Runes: Communication, Illusion, Air
Wergild: Carl
Living Standard: Common

You are a poet who has memorized hundreds of stories from history and myth by rote. You know profane stories and sacred mysteries. You compose your own poems too and know the mysteries of rhythm and meter. You have a rich vocabulary full of poetic phrases, or
kennings, you can call upon. You have a good singing voice and accompany your recitals with the horn, harp, or pipes. You can make people laugh with your wit. You can move men to great passion with your songs. You are more than a simple entertainer; you are the treasurer of your people’s rich oral culture. Everyone fears the bite of your satire; a skald’s wit has brought even great men low!

You probably live in a chieftain or king’s hall. You sing stories of their deeds in return for a bed, ale, and meat from the high table. You are the keeper of history, the teller of sagas and epics. When you wander, clans welcome you for the joy your stories bring. You know secrets, many secrets, hidden within your tales and stories.

You are often employed as a messenger. Your memory makes it trivial for you to recall words and details. You are skilled in choosing just the right words in negotiation. A tribal skald, in service to a king, may come and go as he pleases, entering any clan’s tula without fear of attack


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