What the Sartarites think: Trolls are the Darkness folk, the Shadow Lords. They worship demons of darkness, eat Men (and everything else), and hate the Light. They are dangerous and treacherous, reveling in the growing Darkness. It is not wrong to say that the trolls are evil. And yet, the trolls stood with us against Chaos, fought against Gbaji and the dragons, and some say they hate the Red Moon as we do. They are deadly warriors, powerful sorcerers, and see in the dark as if it were day. The dark trolls are bigger and stronger than Men, but fortunately they are few. The small and misshapen trollkin are far more numerous and attack in screaming hordes.

What Uz think: We are Uz, the darkness folk. The humans call us trolls. Kyger Litor was our first goddess; our earliest ancestors crawled out of her during the pre-Time. She is our Great Mother, we worship her today and our women are still the most powerful among us. Our war god is Zorak Zoran, who conquered fire (which we hate), learned how to make death (and killed Flamal Big Elf, who we hated), and fought Chaos (which we hate more than anything). The most important animal is the insect, and Gorakiki is the god who helps us with our gigantic beasts of
burden. Aranea the Spider is our nature goddess. Xiola Umbar heals us. Argan Argar is our trader, who helps us deal with the surface world in a nonviolent way. Korasting is our fertility goddess, but she was terribly wounded by the Chaos god Gbaji, when we fought him in the First Age.

There are many different types of trolls. The ancient Mistress Race, the Uzuz, are the best of us; they are very magical and now very rare. This race, at least two feet taller than the average human, was lost when Gbaji maimed Korasting, and our powers of birth were forever damaged. If we are lucky, new Uz are born as Uzko, who are just a little smaller and less magical than the Mistress Race. More likely, mothers give birth to litters of Enlo, stunted, pathetic and annoying creatures only three or four feet tall. (The humans call them trollkin.) We call this the Trollkin Curse, and it is our greatest shame and weakness.
During the Second Age, one of the greatest of our priestesses, Cragspider, tried to lift the curse, but instead created the Uzdo, the great trolls, who are bigger than Uzko but unfortunately very stupid.

We use our Darksense to navigate in our blessedly lightless underground world. We send out tiny sounds, and hear the way they bounce off of things. We can tell where walls and ceilings are, find traps, and even tell whether someone’s belly is full or empty.

Food is the most important thing. We get hungry fast. Luckily we can eat almost anything. We have many rules to discourage us from eating each other. Trollkin do not always count, although they are not as tasty as elves, humans, or even dwarves. Birth is the second most important thing. We pray and do whatever magics we can in hopes that our women will bear dark trolls and not trollkin. The destruction of Chaos is the third most important thing, but is related to the second. When all the Chaos is gone, Korasting will be healed.

Uz live in many places throughout the world. Our most important and ancient Queendom is Dagori Inkarth where Kyger Litor and the Mistress Race live in the Castle of Lead. We are found on the Shadow Plateau, south of Sartar and east of Esrolia. Some of us live in the Stinking Forest, too.


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